John & Jena


Jena and I met in the Spring of 1998.  She was a quiet beauty.  I was a talkative geek.  We were married eight years later. Since then, as our love for each other has grown, so has our family!  Our beautiful, smart, and hilarious daughters, Wynne and Jubilee, have blessed us more than we could have imagined.  Not only that, in May of 2016, we welcomed our third daughter, Daisy!  Our little home is truly full of joy.


In 2003, I graduated from Visible School in Memphis with a certificate in Songwriting.  Jena graduated from University of Puget Sound with a Bachelor of Music degree in 2007.


We love shooting (and watching!) movies together, and I thoroughly enjoy the editing process.  Jena is my second shooter, music consultant, and color editor.  It is a fantastic blessing to work together capturing beautiful stories and sharing them with the world.






Photo Credit: Rachel Walker Photography